5 Quick Dressing Tricks That Give New Meaning to Fast Fashion

Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

This is a technique made famous by celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe. Mark off a few hours on your next Sunday to put together and photograph every single outfit combination you can think of. Then tape those photos to your closet door or nearby wall for swift consultation in the mornings. If the thought of spending the day rummaging through your wardrobe and taking numerous selfies doesn’t excite you beyond belief, you can take care of this on the go throughout the week. It shouldn’t take too long before you’ve documented numerous looks for easy retrieval. If you decide to do this over time, lay out your outfits the night before to compensate for any delay you may experience in the morning without your ready-made Polaroids.

Image: @polaroid

Buy a Steamer

This will change your life. Steamers are usually designed to be portable and are far less awkward to maneuver than an ironing board. If you thought steamers were only for the dry cleaners and merchandising staff at retailers, then think again! They can be found at almost any department or superstore and are blessedly cheap. Most take less than a minute to heat up and steaming handles are easy to maneuver in, out and about your garments. You may feel compelled to toss your iron in a fit of joy after making the switch — but don’t. You’ll still need it to keep your button-down shirts crisp and maintain skirt pleats.

Image: @thecattwalk

Put It on Display

As the great fashion oracle Carrie Bradshaw once said, “I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet!” For efficient outfit assembly, it is essential that you keep all your clothing, jewelry and accessories on clear display. Drawers should only be used for socks, underwear and pajamas. Why? The old adage “out of sight, out of mind.” No one is capable of keeping and accessing a mental inventory of all their belongings with ease in the morning before work. If it’s not there right where you can see it, you will simply forget it. If you need to, purchase more garment racks and sell your dresser. There are gadgets and gizmos aplenty for all your accessory storage and display needs. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself cycling through more outfit options than ever before and in record time.

Image: @ikeausa

Stock up on Staples

Most people do not plot their wardrobes. Usually what takes place is some sort of a closet urban sprawl, where random items pop up over time from shopping trips with girlfriends, impulse buys at vintage markets and questionable souvenir purchases from abroad. As a result, putting together an outfit can be quite the challenge. A super cute tweed blazer you picked up at Nordstrom’s spring sale or a kitschy poncho your grandma gifted you on your birthday isn’t necessarily going to mingle well with the items currently in your wardrobe. Keeping a selection of neutral staples in your wardrobe will help fix this dilemma and save you from ever having to forgo that 80s blazer that clashes with nearly everything.

Image: @beigerenegade

Stay on Top of Wardrobe Maintenance

This is where people tend to procrastinate and self-sabotage the most. Don’t wait until last minute to reheel your shoes, get your dry cleaning done or repair that missing button on your cardigan. The next time one of your garments self-destructs, deal with it right away. Get to know which dry cleaners, tailors and cobblers are in your area and take it upon yourself to learn some do-it-yourself fixer-uppers as well. There are at-home dry cleaning products, sewing kits, Tide to Go stain removal sticks and all sorts of products available to you now that used to only be privy to stylists. Next time you’re at the local drugstore or department store, go have a look in the clothing maintenance aisle and have a look at what products are available. Soon enough you’ll be the source of all wardrobe mishap wisdom among your friends.

Image: @singersewingcompany

Ladies, it’s time we hack our morning routines and start our days off right once and for all! No more showing up to work five minutes late and returning home to clean up a bedroom apocalypse. Read on for five easy tricks for getting dressed faster that will leave you more than enough time for your morning Starbucks run.